primary reasons windows are covered:

  • privacy

  • solutions for heat gain in mummer and heat loss in winter

  • light control

  • room function

  • protection from uv exposure on furnishings

  • decor and overall look

elements that determine window cover color, pattern and texture:

  • wall color

  • trim around windows

  • flooring

  • accent color

  • statement

10 questions for determining window covering options:

1.  what type of window coverings did you have in your previous home?  what did you like/dislike about them?

2.  do you prefer window coverings that tilt, softer fabric shades, draperies, or bottom up?

3.  which direction do your windows face (north, south, east or west)?

4.  what is the room's primary purpose (sleeping, tv room, entertaining, etc)?

5.  do you have children/pets and are there safety concerns regarding your window coverings?

6.  what is your decorating/furniture style (traditional, rustic, modern, eclectic, etc)?

7.  what type of windows do you have (large picture, sliders, double-hung, etc)?

8.  do you have privacy concerns and in which rooms?

9.  are the windows easy to reach (stairwells, two-story rooms, etc)?

10.  what type of budget do you have in mind?